Our Squads always welcome new members. Each squad has entry criteria. These are a guide for coaches and parents so they can see what each swimmer should achieve in relation to the squad requirements.


MINNOWS 1&2 (Pre Competitive):

This group will be in the Bronze Level in the SSS pre competitive swim lessons programme or something similar. Each individual will be assessed.


The kind of swimmer who is looking to compete soon and possibly in the age range 6-11.


Able to swim a minimum of 25m without stopping. 


Our extensive experience with elite competitive swimmers and the development of a 'holding water' methodology will be imparted to those undertaking stroke development.  A swimmer in the Pre-competitive group can decide to attend an additional lesson each week.


MINNOWS3 (First Competitive Level):

This group will have passed the Silver level within SSS, and are interested in competing and a higher level of fitness. Probably age ranging from 8-12 years and able to swim 300m. 


PIRANHAS (Second Competitive Level):

This group will have passed Gold in SSS and may already be in a competitive swim club or at an advanced level. The swimmer can complete 400m. 



SHARKS (Third Competitive Level):

This group is the highest level group in Phoenix Aquatics, focusing on racing strategies, high performance training sets and speed work. An emphasis is placed on correct starting techniques, race pace and turning strategies.


Synchronised Swimming Group:

This group is new to our team.  It is part of Phoenix Aquatics but trains at a separate time to the competitive swimming groups.  We currently have one Synchro Squad at Glenalmond College on Fridays 6:30-7:30pm.  If you are interested in joining this group please email head coach Gary Vandermeulen

Specific coaching can be tailored to your needs

Speak to our coaches about bespoke one to one lessons.  You can also find out more about private lessons with Gary Vandermeulen and our instructors by following this link.