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Drop us an email with your details or use the contact page in this site - we will be in touch quickly to discuss what you should do. 


Please note: The Scottish Swimming membership form is required to be filled in and paid by each member as this includes your insurance.


Please note: if your son/daughter is changing clubs to Phoenix Aquatics they will need to fill in the 'Change of Club' form at the bottom of this page.  Normally there is not an issue with changing clubs, however you will be required to clear any debt with the club before they will release you.  If Phoenix Aquatics will be your son/daughter's second claim club (a swimmer can be a member of two teams) they will need to fill in this same form.  Second claim club swimmer MUST swim for their first claim club in the event that both teams are at a competition.

Phoenix Aquatics Welcome Pack (Windows 7 docx)

Welcome Pack
Phoenix Aquaticswelcomepack 2013.docx
Microsoft Word document [92.3 KB]

Phoenix Aquatics Welcome Pack (PDF format)

Phoenix Aquaticswelcomepack 2013.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [417.7 KB]

Scottish Swimming Membership Form

C3.3.1 Membership Form - FINAL February2[...]
Microsoft Word document [161.0 KB]

Scottish Swimming Change of Club Form (and Second Claim Club form)

R5.2.1 Change of Club Form FINAL 1Mar201[...]
Microsoft Word document [147.0 KB]