Autumn Term 2016

The next term for Phoenix Aquatics will start on the following dates:

Wallace High School: Tuesday 6th Sept

Dollar School: Monday 29th August

Glenalmond College (Tues): 30th August

Glenalmond College (Sat): 3rd September

Phoenix at Dollar Pool

The Dollar Academy pool is now closed for the school term.  The next swim session will be on Monday 29th August.  The change in pool rate has changed the amount we can use the pool, so we will continue at Dollar but only on Mondays.  All other programmes are to remain the same.  Thank you!!  Gary

19 June Race Day

Great Race Day on 19th June at Glenalmond College

Congratulations to all those swimmers who participated on the 19th June Race Day at Glenalmond College.  A great day!

Glenalmond College Pool Water Problem

Dear Parents, due to a vomitting incident in the pool on Saturday the College has closed the pool until the water is tested for bacterial content.  The results will not be back until Wednesday or Thursday.  So there can be no swimming at Glenalmond College TUESDAY 22nd MARCH. 


The swimming for Phoenix Aquatics programmes continues at Wallace HS on 22nd March and 29th March.  Wallace restarts 19th April.  At Dollar Academy there is no swimming on Thursday 24th March.  Dollar restarts on 18th April. Glenalmond College restarts on 23rd April and 26th April.  Have a great Easter! Gary

October Mid Term break at Dollar & Glenalmond schools

Glenalmond College half term Oct break is 15th Oct to 25th, no swimming on Tuesday 20th Oct and Saturdays 17 & 24 Oct.  At Dollar Academy the break is: 16th Oct to 28th October.  No swimming on Mondays: 19th & 26th Oct, and Thursday 22nd. . At Wallace High School the only date affected by the October breask is 13th October.  No swimming on that date at Wallace.   See you there after the break!  Gary

Autumn Swim start dates 2015

The next swim term will be as follows: Tuesdays at Wallace HS begins 25 August, Tuesdays at Glenalmond College 1 Sept, Mondays at Dollar Academy 31 August, Thursdays at Dollar Academy 3rd Sept.  See you there!  Gary


Scottish Swimming Membership Renewal fee is now due! This has increased to £43 this year. Please pay by cheque to Phoenix Aquatics no later than Feb 19th. If you fail to do this your child will be unable to swim!!

Dollar training resumes August 25th.


Please note the following start dates for the various pools:

Wallace High School: Tuesday 26th August

Dollar Academy: Monday 25th August & Thursday 28th Aug

Glenalmond College: Saturday 6th, Sept, Tuesday 8th September

Ardvrecht School: Wednesday 27th Aug (Ardvrecht pupils only)


We are pleased to announce that new pool time has been secured at Wallace High School Stirling on Tuesdays from 1800-1930.

This can be an additional session or in lieu of session already attending.

Please email for further details!


The Phoenix swimming squads have now started at Dollar Academy!  Get to see everyone back keen to go!  The Mondays and Thursdays are well attended but we do have spaces for more children.  Saturdays at Tulliallan Police College are open to top two squads from Dollar.  The Tulliallan times are: 9am to 10:30am.


At Glenalmond the programme starts on Tuesday 3rd Sept.  There has been a change on the Thursdays.  We are spread a bit thin with coaches so the Thursday has had to switch to Fridays; 5pm to 6:30pm.  Synchro will continue at 6:30pm on Fridays.

Last training day before the holidays is Thursday June 20th! Training resumes Aug 26th. Have a great summer!!

Club Awarded Coach Education Grant By Clackmannanshire Council

Phoenix Aquatics has been awarded the Clackmannanshire Council Coach Education Grant valued at £250.  Up to five Phoenix Aquatics coaches are invited to apply for support up to £50.  Phoenix Aquatics will then support five coaches towards furthing their eduction.   A course approved by the Club Head Coach and is an accreditited course is permitted.  The specific criteria are: 

  •  The course must lead to an award from an accredited organisation or governing body of sport.
  •  For applications the club secretary must apply on behalf of the
    individual attending the course.
  • The grant moneys will only be paid upon receipt of evidence that the
    course was attended.
  • The applicant must indicate to what use they will put their new qualification.


Phoenix Aquatics would like to thank Anne Kerr for putting the application and forms into Clackmannanshire Council.





8yrs and under

9-10 yrs

11-13 yrs

(age on the day)


To run this event we require a starter, referee, 10 timekeepers and a marshall, parent volunteers needed!!


Raffle and baking donations also needed.


Please let your coach or Alison (secretary) know by MAY 25th at the latest!!!

We had a great Wooly Hat and Gloves Day during the February break at Dollar Academy.  Please have a look on the Special Events page for more photos.




If you still have to make this payment it is very important that you do so.  Your child will not be permitted to swim without being properly insured.  Thank you.

FUN NIGHT for all who attend Phoenix Aquatics


Come along to Dollar Academy swimming Pool, between 5-6.30pm on Thursday 21st February 2013 for a night of Fun and Games.  Any queries please speak to your Coach.






Our first AGM will be held at Stirling University at the National Swimming Academy on 20th February 2013 at 7:30pm.  All members are welcome to attend. The room is the Conference room which can be accessed via the pool front doors (and then hallway to your right).


As a member of Scottish Swimming, we endorse the role description as outlined on their web site.  You can find the descriptions on the web page under 'volunteering' and 'role descriptor': 

Back in the water...

The Dollar pool is open once again (after our closure last week due to the gas main break in Fishcross), so we will resume our swimming as normal.  There is a small problem with the heat for showers this evening (3 Dec) so there will not be hot water for the showers.  The final swim for December will be on 13th Dec.



Our monthly fun night was a great success!  On 27th of September the training session at Dollar Academy was a little different from normal...we had a pool party!  The theme was 'Beach Party' and everyone was invited to bring an inflatable toy.  We  had games and a lot of fun!  Our next fun event at Dollar will be on 29th of October.  We will have  Halloween Party!  (please do not bring costumes that can have pieces fall off in the pool).  Looking foward to it!  Check out the pictures on the Special Events page.


Glenalmond Beach Party will be on 16th Oct.  Get your beach gear ready!

New season starting up now!

Phoenix is back!  Our swimming programmes are now starting back.  The following are available:

Dollar Academy Mondays & Thursdays beginning 27th Aug

Glenalmond College Tuesdays & Thursdays beginning 11 Sept


Glenalmond College SATURDAYS: 1 Sept

Tulliallan Police College: 1 Sept


NEW: Synchronised Swimming, Fridays @ Glenalmond College @6:30pm beginning 7th Sept.  Girls aged 11 - 15yrs.



DOLLAR: Mondays 15 & 22 Oct

DOLLAR: Thursdays 11 & 18 Oct

TULLIALLAN: 13 & 20 Oct

GLENALMOND: Tuesday 23 Oct

GLENALMOND: Thursdays 18 & 25 Oct

GLENALMOND: Saturdays 20 & 27 Oct

News Update!

News:Please note that we have had to cancel training at Glenalmond College on Saturday 30th June due to a conflicting event at the College.  Sorry for any inconvenience. 


Phoenix Swimmers Dollar Academy.  On Thursday 14th June we are having a 'bring a friend' day.  Then on Monday 18th June we will be having a Pyjama party at the pool! Make sure to bring tight fitting pyjamas to wear in the pool.  Notes will be handed out on Monday at Training with details.  Start thinking about a friend who might like to come to 'Bring a Friend' day.  Any queries please get in touch.


23 June Competition: we will not be going to Oban until the Autumn.  June is too busy for everyone so we will postpone until we can get a date that works for everyone.  We very much appreciate the offer from Oban swim team and hope to continue our relationship with them!

Phoenix Aquatics - Swim, Synchro and Polo

Team "Swim Phoenix" at the first Club Championships 2012 @ Glenalmond College

Swimming has become an ever more popular sport with so many role models and mentors out there. The upbeat coaching style and benefit of cardiovascular fitness has also caught the imagination of people ranging from leisure swimmers, triathletes, and competitive swimmers. 


At Phoenix we major on both learning and fitness, through fun and stroke development.


In due course we will be including water polo, synchronised swimming and fin swimming in our programme - a wide range of aquatic activities.


Phoenix is proud to be a member of Scottish Swimming

Hot News




1st Club Championships @ Glenalmond College on Sunday May 6th. 




The first annual Club Championships were held @ Glenalmond College pool, where Phoenix club members battled it out for medals and awards. There were some impressive swims, and particularly from those taking part in their first competitive races.


The Club also welcomed guests from Glenalmond College swim team who participated in a number of "Open' Events and demonstrated some great swimming.


Our thanks to the event organisers and coaches for getting us through a great programme in time for lunch.


Each attendee received a Team Phoenix 2012 Championship sew on badge to start their collections.


A number of members were resplendent in Club Colours - the t-shirts and caps are available at most Club sessions.


Thank you to all of you who made the journey to Glenalmond, and we know it was worth it. As the event happened over a Bank Holiday we know a number of team members couldn't make it , but we hope to have some competitive races again soon.


Finally, a thank you to Glenalmond College for hosting us and to our sponsors at FES and McCall & Partners.

Parent Forum and News

Medallists from Club champs 6th May

Polite Reminder

As a Club we rely upon Members paying fees on time - Monthly fees are due now. 


We prefer Standing Order payments at the beginning of the month they are due. In exceptional circumstances we can accept cheques and cash, but prefer to keep our banking and security of carrying such items to an absolute minimum. Our volunteers do all of these tasks with a good heart, so please make their lives easier.


Scottish Swimming (SASA) - Annual Fees are required along with Individual Registration Forms. It is a standard requirement for all swimmers to be registered this way. This is £33 per annum and goes straight through our Club to SASA.



Parents - Post Session Snack Hints


After children work out, they need a snack that contains fluid, carbohydrates and protein. This combination will help repair and restore the muscles used, and keep them from becoming dehydrated. Aim to offer this kind of snack to your child within two hours after exercise. A snack after physical activity also boosts a child's energy so that they can finish out the rest of the day.


Yogurt and Fruit

Many types of fruit have a high water content so they prevent a child from becoming dehydrated after a work out. Fruit also contains a healthy dose of carbohydrates to restore energy levels. Good choices include, cantaloupe, berries, oranges and apples. Serve fruit with low-fat yogurt for a dose of protein that will support their muscles as they recover from the exercise. Look for versions that are low in added sugar to keep calorie intake under control.